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"It is always good to have Gerald in your corner."- Jon Wexler

Yerrrrrrrrppppp. First and foremost welcome to this experience that I call my life. My name is Gerald Makaveli, but you probably know that by now if you made it this far. I’m going to make this short because I’m already tired of typing and you're probably tired of reading this. I’m a learning creative with a passion for visual storytelling. I specialize more so in "Creative Direction," Content Curation, Social Media Management and Design, but don't be surprised if you find out I do more. I help run and am a director for a dope ass up and coming Creative Agency, Combined Culture. I also love to consult in my spare time for some of your favorite brands, artist, companies and influencers. I created my own merch line, Gerald Merch, with pictures of my face on hoodies and shirts (weird right?). I also travel entirely too much. You're likely to catch me at SYR, JFK, EWR, LAX, PDX, BUR, EUG or in the sky some- Yeah, I'm officially tired of typing. The End.

If you have any questions contact me anyway possible, except via DM. That's a little weird... Enjoy my site, and you’re welcome for the amazing experience.


GE(RALD)neral Inquiries

— One time I made eye contact with Andre 3000, and since then I knew I was destined for greatness.

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